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Jiran Architects is an Architectural design firm located in Bismarck, ND and was founded in 1976 by Mr. Don Jiran.  In the years since, Jiran Architects has emerged as a leader in healthcare and educational design in Western North Dakota.  Our firm has also designed a wide variety of other types of building as well from banks, office buildings, transportation facilities, public housing, and athletic facilities. 


In 2004, Jiran Architects was bought by Mr. Jeff Welch, an employee of the firm since 1987 and  a native of Bismarck.  Mr. Welch personally designs every project and prepares project specifications and estimates.  During construction, Mr. Welch personally observes progress on all projects to ensure compliance with the design.

Jeff Welch, AIA

Jiran Architects project successes are a result of an emphasis on pre-project planning.


  • Measurable objectives include scope, schedule, budget, building codes and design standards, and quality control.

  • Communication includes regular meetings, documentation, and partnering.

  • Monitoring includes project reviews, progress reports (schedule, cost, design) and resource allocation.


We will adapt our design efforts to be completed within the timeframe you have established.  We will investigate opportunities to accelerate the schedule if so desired.


Tasks by phase will be expanded during kick-off meetings for each phase. We will continually monitor the status of your project using the confirmed scope, schedule, budget, quality control guidelines, building codes, as well as lessons learned from the design and planning of facilities similar to the project.


Jiran Architects prefers to use a different fee structure than most other firms.  After the scope of a project is determinined, Jiran Architects will propose a lump sum fixed fee for full Architectural and Engineering services for construction documents and contract administration.  This means that the owner will have a fixed fee amount that includes all services required to complete a construction project that does not change even if the construction costs increase. 

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